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Cryptomatic has been actively involved in the payment terminals market for the past 5 years, with more than 2 years experience in the cryptocurrency industry. We manufacture and distribute ATMs in more than 25 countries around the globe!

We use the best German components for reliable operation. That’s just one of the reasons Cryptomatic can vouch for the quality of our ATMs, combining ease of use with clear and transparent transactions.


Why Cryptomatic?


The Certification

ATMs arrive at your location with full documentation, and we take full responsibility for operational integrity.



Outstanding Quality

Highest-quality German-made components are guaranteed for their accuracy and reliability.


Software Development

Customized software is as essential a part of the CryptomaticATM package as the hardware. The results?
Quality. Stability. Speed. Accuracy.


Delivery Logistics

Safe delivery of CryptomaticATMs is guaranteed to 25 countries, worldwide.  

Regional Customization

We customize CryptomaticATMs for deployment anywhere in the world. And we advise on full compliance of ATMs to your country or region, including all regulatory requirements.



24/7 Support

Our company provides round-the-clock support addressing all your questions or concerns.


How Customers buy or Sell Crypto Using Our ATM

(Example for countries with KYC)

Step #1

A customer chooses a type of cryptocurrency and selects a “buy” or “sell” action. After entering their mobile phone number, the customer receives an SMS with a one-time password for system access.

Step #2

The software reports the maximum amount of cryptocurrency that may be bought per day, which depends on the way chosen to confirm the operation.

Step #3

The means of identification may include scanning an ID or driver license (or similar official ID), entering a social security number (which is then checked by official scoring systems), photographing a client holding ID, and other types of customer identification.

Step #4

The customer then chooses the registration of a new wallet or a deposit to a current one. For the deposit, it is necessary either to scan a QR-code containing an address or create a new Paper Wallet.

Step #5

After depositing cash to purchase the cryptocurrency, the customer gets a message notifying the completion of the operation. (Format of the message depends on the agent setting of message samples.)

Step #6

During the cryptocurrency sale, the customer sees the rate (which depends on the amount of the currency purchase) and a banknote nominal available to get.After the confirmation of a chosen amount, a QR-code must be scanned to complete the cryptocurrency transaction and to get cash.

We’ll Show You How It’s Done


In the quality manufacturing of CryptoMaticATMs, we employ highly qualified engineers and software developers who create easy-to-follow scripts. And through the work of our more than a hundred engineers, developers, and customer service personnel, we are constantly modernizing our technology and responding to suggestions received from partners like you! That’s why we can supply more than 3000 state-of-the-art CryptoMaticATMs a year!


Awesome back office and

statistics for our Partners!

Designed To Work


The CryptoMaticATM solution combines wide functionality to manage wallets and exchange markets, make payment, and to provide client statistics and analysis. And reports provide data on the functionality and status of the equipment.

our history


  • 5+ Years of Work Experience
  • 2+ Years of Cryptomats Manufacture
  • 100+ Highly-Qualified Employees
  • 8K+ Manufactured Units per Year
  • 25+ Countries of Supply

Mobile-Friendly Backend

Change the commission or add a fixed fee, adjust your compliance limits on the fly! Publish the locations of your machine on CoinATMradar and choose what exchange you want to use!

Check your profits from any place in the World using your smartphone!


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Convenient. Secure. Economical Operation.


  • All CryptoMaticATMs are managed remotely.
  • Made of vandal-resistant materials and security features.
  • Low energy consumption. 

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