One of the safest and good investments nowadays is a cryptocurrency which has a great growth possibility in the coming five years. However, before making your investment, you should know your digital currency trading company to be sure that you are not falling into any fraudulent transaction. So, check out this guide list while choosing your trading company. Remember, your research will decide whether your investment will turn into gold or be written off as a loss.


Authenticity: Many countries are now bringing in legislation to regulate the market of alternative currency. So, each country has their own authentic cryptocurrencies trading company. Hence, if you are investing, say in Japan, look up for the list of authorized cryptocurrency trading company Japan. Don’t deal with unauthorized and unregulated websites or currency exchange places; they may offer great deals, but the risk is also great there.


Exchange rate: As with any marketplace, your digital currency trading company will take a percentage of your transaction amount as fee. And this rate varies with each trading company. So, before you start trading, make sure you check out and compare the exchange rate offered by at least 3 to 4 approved trading companies in your country.


Reputation: The third important factor to look for while selecting your alternative currencies trading company is the reputation of the company in the marketplace. Since everything is stored online through Blockchain technology, it is in danger of hacking. Hence ask around about the cybersecurity system of the company you are looking into. Did they ever get hacked? How are the experiences of the customers with them? One of the best places to get such answers is reddit.


Safety: The last important factor to see is while selecting your cryptocurrency trading company Japan is how safe they are. Though privacy of the user is a huge deal with such companies, there should be safety measures in place to verify the identity of the account holder. So, go for those that has some sort of ID requirement in place. It can be government approved ID proof or code send to mobile device. It may seem cumbersome at times, but this extra step is necessary if you want to safeguard your hard-eared money.